Training for management and sales professionals. Vendacon offers certified coaching services for professionals working in various management and key positions. Coaching content includes personal management coaching, supervisor training, management team coaching, and sales and management coaching. Vendacon also puts coaching into practice, spars and walks side by side. Coaching is an investment that generates measurable results.

Managing oneself

Time use and efficiency. Finding your own focus. Self-motivation and execution. Balance of life areas.

Leading people

The manager's task is to ensure that people act to the best of their ability in accordance with the organization's goals. The most important task of a manager is to develop people's skills. Coaching leadership trains new leaders.

Strategy management

The organization's goals must be made clear so that they are interesting to people. Why things are done is more important than how they are done.

Sales management

The purpose of the company is to help the customer succeed with its own products and services. If your company is proud of its expertise, it is the responsibility of sales to make the customer understand it.

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