Personal management coaching - Leadership Coaching

For successful managers who still want to improve their professional skills

Every company and manager is different. Each of us has a different task, life situation,
education, experience base and learning method. Personal management coaching is 100% customized
to your needs and your calendar.

Themes appearing in the training sessions:

● Coaching management and coaching work experience
● Setting goals
● Holding development discussions
● Job interviews with commitment
● Speeding up and ensuring the success of a new CEO, manager or key person

● Time use and efficiency
● Targeted and active sales work
● Conflicts and challenging management situations
● Courage to intervene in abnormal activities, firm management, corrective feedback
● Development of the management team's operations

● Self-knowledge, own natural ways of working and areas of discomfort
● Identifying different types of people and interacting with different people
● Clarifying the strategy into action, decomposing result targets into action targets


The knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes that have helped you get to where you are today will not get you where you want to go. A better result is not achieved by simply doing things better. Things have to be done in a different way.


We help you stop, think and make decisions with the help of an impartial coach. You learn to focus and set clear goals. Your use of time becomes clearer when you learn to clarify your working methods. Your courage as a leader grows: by inspiring, motivating and delegating correctly, your own workload will decrease and your subordinates will grow into independent leaders and employees.


The desire to become a good leader comes from the person himself. It requires enthusiasm to get to know yourself, the desire to think and draw conclusions, and the courage to change your own ways of doing things. When you want to increase the value of the company, employees and yourself faster, don't do it alone.

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Coaching is a process where coach and client
working together on the client's goals
to achieve. The coach's job is to help
the customer to identify their goals, to develop
strategies to achieve them as well as provide
sparring during the process.
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