Anyone who has had the chance to lead knows that the hardest thing is not to give orders, but to help people realize themselves

It requires stopping, a little effort and a new way of doing things.

That's why many of us go from where the fence is lowest: they give orders or even do things for someone else, because the matter needs to be taken care of exactly at that moment the fastest. The manager's time and energy are spent on the wrong things and the ability to produce results suffers.

The more independent employees it has, the more valuable the company is. Decision-making is decentralized and decisions are made in a controlled manner by those who have the best knowledge of each area. A corporate culture that allows work to teach its creator, encourages and guides employees in a controlled way to be responsible. The value of such a company grows faster than an ordinary company, because the value of the company lies in the skills of the employees, and not only in the guidance from the managers. The most important task of a leader is to create new leaders.

No work is so important that it is worth sacrificing your family, your dignity or your health. In good management coaching, in addition to business management, you learn to manage all aspects of life. Good mood, fitness and satisfaction are reflected around us and further improve the company's results. A good leader considers both himself and others as a whole.

The desire to become a good leader comes from the person himself. It requires enthusiasm to get to know yourself, the desire to think and draw conclusions, and the courage to change your own ways of doing things. When you want to increase the value of the company, employees and yourself faster, don't do it alone.