Coaching is most effective in your native language.

Coaching is a process where coach and client
working together on the client's goals
to achieve. The coach's job is to help
the customer to identify their goals, to develop
strategies to achieve them as well as provide
sparring during the process.
International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and
According to an article published in Mentoring magazine
coaching in the mother tongue can have
positive impact on the coaching process.

The benefits of coaching in your native language:

1. Clearer communication: When coaching takes place
in the customer's native language, communication is clearer and
easier. This allows for deeper
understanding and open interaction
between coach and client.

2. More accurate self-expression: Often people can
to express their feelings, thoughts and needs
better in their own mother tongue. This is important,
because coaching often involves personal and
to multidimensional questions.

3. Cultural sensitivity: Language and culture are often
connected to each other. Coaching the client
in the mother tongue enables a more sensitive cultural
understanding and that Coach can take
into account the cultural background factors of the client, which
can be crucial to successful coaching
in terms of

4. Confidence and comfort: People know
generally feel more confident and comfortable
when conversing in their native language. This
helps the client to express himself more openly
and more honestly.

5. Effectiveness: Coaching is more effective when
communication is smooth. It helps to save time
and energy when you don't need to use extra
effort to translate language or obscure
to communication.

6. Better understanding: Coaching is easier
understand the customer's needs and goals, when
the conversation takes place in the customer's native language. This
enables better coaching
planning and targeting.

7. Better problem solving: Leadership coaching
is often associated with complex problems and

for dealing with challenges. In the customer's native language
coaching helps ensure that the client
understands and analyzes problems accurately and can
to better participate in solving them.

8. Self-knowledge and self-esteem: Coaching on your own
in the mother tongue can help the customer to develop
better self-knowledge and self-esteem. They can
express their thoughts and feelings more naturally,
which can boost their confidence and
their ability to take responsibility for their own development.

9. Reducing misunderstandings: When coaching
happens in the same language, misunderstandings
the chance decreases.

Even if your working language is mainly other than your mother tongue, it is
it is important that the training is done in one's own mother tongue,
because it can help you express yourself better,
understand concepts more clearly and achieve
your goals more effectively.


Otto Kuivalainen